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    Facilitator Training

    The Anderson & Anderson™ Anger Management Facilitator Training is designed for persons interested in providing anger management classes in Los Angeles for adolescents and adults.


    Anger Management

    Our Anger Management Coaching for children, adolescents and adults is based on Emotional Intelligence skill enhancement for impulse control. The instrument used for our Pre and Post tests for Anger Management is the internationally recognized EQ-i 2.0 assessments.


    Domestic Violence

    Our Batterers' Intervention Facilitator Certification is a forty-hour training written to meet the requirements on California Penal Code 1203.098. Our 52 week Batterers' Intervention classes are approved by California and Texas.


    Leaders In Anger Management Services Since 1982

    George Anderson

    George Anderson is a Board Certified Diplomate in Psychotherapy, A Fellow in the American Orthopsychiatric Association and, the first global provider of Anger Management training, workbooks, videos, DVDs and interactive CDs. He is the author of “Gaining Control of Ourselves”, “Controlling Ourselves”, “Parenting in A Troubled World”, “The California Domestic Violence Intervention Curriculum, and “Depression, Awareness, Recognition and Intervention”.Mr. Anderson received Post Graduate training in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy from the Harvard University School of Medicine (1971) and previously taught in the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, Pepperdine University, and Simmons College School of Social Work. Currently, he is the major provider of language and culture specific curricula in Anger Management and Domestic Violence Intervention. His workbooks are published in English, Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish and Russian.George Anderson was the technical consultant on the popular Jack Nicholson/Adam Sandler Movie “Anger Management”. He also appeared on the Cover of the Los Angeles Times Magazine in its August 28, 2005 edition titled “The Least Angry Man”. This article is listed on our website as “The Storm’s Quiet Eye” at Anderson & Anderson Online Resources. A sitcom on his anger management practice is currently in the works

    Bryan Anderson

    Bryan Anderson received his BA in Psychology from Kenyon College in 2008, and his MSW from Columbia University in 2013. After receiving his Bachelor’s in Psychology, Bryan returned to Los Angeles and worked as a behavioral therapist at UCLA Early Childhood Partial Hospitalization Program (ECPHP) from 2008-2011. ECPHP is a day program for young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, made up of a multidisciplinary team working together to address severe behavioral issues, as well as academic, cognitive, and social deficits. While working at ECPHP, Bryan began authoring an Anger Management and social skills curriculum for use with all children in school or clinic settings. The curriculum is co-authored by leading UCLA researchers Dr. Stephanny Freeman and Dr. Tanya Paparella, and features illustrations by a fellow Columbia graduate. He currently works as a clinical social worker at UCLA Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital, where he has covered the Adult Inpatient Psychiatry unit, as well as acted as a care coordinator and group facilitator in the Adult Partial Hospitalization Program. Additionally, Bryan works part time as a consultant and Anger Management coach at Anderson & Anderson. Bryan specializes in providing behavioral therapy, specialized Anger Management and EQ coaching, school consultations, as well as psychotherapy. He has extensive experience working with children and families, as well as in educational settings. Look for his upcoming book soon, which will be featured on the website, and broaden Anderson & Anderson’s resources for young children.

    Nancy Anderson

    Nancy Anderson is the president of Anderson & Anderson, and the quiet impetus of its success. Nancy earned a Bachelor’s and two Master’s Degrees from UCLA, where she has also been a member of the clinical staff at the Neuropsychiatric Institute. She is licensed in Educational Psychology and Clinical Social Work in the state of California.Currently, Nancy maintains a clinical psychotherapy practice at Anderson & Anderson and is available for consultation on educational or family issues that can not be addressed by an anger management program. She also works as an educational psychologist for The John Thomas Dye School in Bel Air. She is certified in anger management and executive coach. Nancy provides psychotherapy and coaching at Anderson & Anderson.

    Jairo Wong

    Jairo is a Nicaraguan born counselor with a wide range on training and experience in working with court referred domestic violence participants as well as persons attending small groups for emotional intelligence/anger management for impulse control. Jairo is an Anderson & Anderson Certified Anger Management Facilitator, Batterer’s Intervention Facilitator and Emotional Intelligence Coach. All of his professional training has taken place during his fourteen years of employment as Operations Manager at the Lawndale Office of Anderson & Anderson. He began his career at Anderson & Anderson as a Data Entry Clerk and pursued training in most of the professional training that is offered. Jairo is well respected by the Probation Department and the Courts for his impressive work and demeanor. He is also popular and well-liked by his clients.


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    Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Coaching for Physicians - Visit Us For Sessions
    Learn and Develop Skills in a comfortable home environment at our HQ located in the Brentwood Hills above Los Angeles.
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    Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Coaching for Physicians - Onsite Sessions
    George Anderson or an Anderson & Anderson, APC coach will travel a location of your choice. On-site Coaching is typically conducted over a two or three-day period to avoid interference with the physician’s
    work schedule. The physician must complete 12 hours of coaching. This can be done via 4 or 6 hour sessions. Aftercare is scheduled over a six-month period at the conclusion of the initial sessions. Sessions by phone are scheduled twice monthly.
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    Our Training Products Are Trusted By The Best

    Los Angeles County 2020 Anger Management Providers List
    Certified Anger Management Facilitator Coaching
    Session 1 - DVD
    Gaining Control of Ourselves - DVD
    Duplicate Certificate
    Advanced Training For Group Facilitators
    A Ray of Hope Facilitator's Guide
    A Ray of Hope (Spanish) Un Rayo de Esperanza
    A Ray of Hope (52 Week Batterers Workbook) - English
    40 Hour Batterers' Intervention (Domestic Violence) Certification
    EQ-I YV™ Assessment (Adolescents)
    EQ-i 2.0 Assessment Emotional Intelligence (Adult)
    16- Hour Continuing Education Training For Facilitators
    The Practice of Control
    Styles of Communication - DVD
    Emotional Intelligence 0 to 10 - DVD
    The EQ Edge
    Anderson & Anderson - Facilitator DVDs
  • Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale, PhD, DMC, RN

    If you’ve ever taken a course from Anderson & Anderson, you would immediately know that you are being served by professionals who have mastered the art of their craft, counseling. I have taken two classes and am now on my third one. Each one has helped me gain a deeper insight into myself and into the primary emotions that had me “spinning” with Anger. As I widow, nursing professional and single parent of two teen age sons (6’2″ & 6′ 8″), I thought I was losing my mind. George Anderson, was my Anger Management coach. In fact, George was such a man of great integrity, compassion, and humor that I enrolled my family in the course as well. What happened was a miracle of deliverance from rage! I learned that raging (at my sons) was from incredible feelings of fear for their safety and displaced grief. The Anderson & Anderson model helped me identify this dynamic so that I could gain control of my emotions. I found my “soul” again after the sudden and tragic lost of my husband. It helped me heal wounds that I created from “screaming at my sons.” Since I lived in Washington, DC, I brought the CD’s and continued to play them for my family. They have help us restore joy and laughter to our relationship through effective communication and anger management. In fact, I have become a certified Anger Management Consultant (through Anderson and Anderson) and relocated to Cincinnati, OH to provide Anger Management Services at University Central, a private educational consulting firm, to community, churches, colleges, universities, and business. I am so grateful that I found them… In many regards, Anderson and Anderson saved my life and helped me restore my family.

    Shamala Sykes, Educational Consultant Los Angeles Unified School District

    The use of the four major themes: anger management, stress management, emotional intelligence and communication make the training simple, clear and direct. The Facilitator has a sound format for a full look at each person’s anger, and ways to re-decide, re-direct and re-invent ones response to life’s many experiences. Using these techniques can eventually dissipate anger, and assertiveness can replace aggression.

    Gary Koppel, Entertainment Industry

    The Anderson model is concise, organized and structured. From the intake screenings, to the workbooks, to the self assessment surveys, people can now have the Map & Compass to navigate their way into healthy managed and control of emotional responses to anger. Everyone is talking about anger—now you can actually do something about it.

    Sean Coffey, Anderson & Anderson Affiliate, London

    Over the three day of seminars, the content of the Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Model was fully explained and demonstrated in use. Areas such as stressors, coping, taking responsibility and assertiveness were all discussed in some depth using visual, verbal and literary techniques. Anyone who is deal with anger or experiencing anger or stress in their lives can intervene in the lives of those around them would benefit from this course of seminars.

    Kathi Britton

    Is he a mere mortal or a visionary that has the ability to see into the recesses of the human soul? I speak of George Anderson, the man who is changing lives and inner spirits. After experiencing Mr. Anderson’s Anger Management Training, I encourage anyone who is seriously considering entering this field to take his courses. George, words cannot convey my gratitude for positioning me to truly make a difference in the lives of people who are searching for answers to a peaceful existence. I thank you for showing myself and others that Communication, Anger Management, Stress Management and Emotional Intelligence are crucial elements to balancing our forever changing emotions.

    Linda A. Losi, RN, LCSW, CAMF

    Anger Mentors wants to express a great big thank you to George Anderson. As a Registered Nurse and Licensed Clinical Social Worker working with clients with anger and communication issues for over 20 years, getting trained by George Anderson was a blessing and quite a pleasurable experience. George Anderson has helped me all along to aid clients, both executives and in classes get results in a manner that is user friendly and actually “quite a lot of fun” as one of my clients expressed. I appreciate the support given by Anderson Services and look forward to continue organizing the Florida chapter of Anger Management Facilitators. We live in very stressful times and we are all being put to the test of how we cope with stress and anger. This network just keeps on getting better. It brings us all together to help those who need us and those who want to be part of this network. George, your charm and knowledge make this challenge worth the time and effort of being part of the team.

    Diane Geronimo

    I have been reflecting on the wonderful experience of being a participant in your training last week. Ah, the beauty of the collaboration: Anger management, stress management, communication, and emotional intelligence! The need for your program will certainly increase as our society experiences more and more stress and depression. And yet, with all of that, what impressed me the most was you, yourself. You instruct AND you inspire, encourage and support. I am energized and I look forward to many years as a C.A.M.F. Thanks, George.


    Join Us For Our In Person Training Seminars

    Anderson & Anderson is the largest provider of Certified Anger Management Facilitator Training in the world. Our curriculum is the industry standard worldwide. Anderson & Anderson, the trusted name in anger management, offers certification for both adult and adolescent facilitators. CAADAC, CAADE, CA. Board of Corrections and BBS approve our training for CEU’s. In addition, this training is Approved TIER 1 for Special Advancement for Achievement for Veterans Administration Social Workers. We are an approved vendor for SAM. The Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Curricula is the only anger management training approved by the state for the training of Probation, Parole and Correctional Officers in California.

    Anger Management Guru Presents Two-Day Facilitator Certification in Los Angeles on April 17-18, 2020


    The Anderson model of anger management is based on emotional intelligence for disruptive behavior and is recognized worldwide. This model, which has been featured in Los Angeles Times Magazine, focuses on enhancing emotional intelligence for anger management.


    George Anderson, MSW, LCSW is the official Vendor Anger Management for Los Angeles Superior Courts. This curriculum is the only anger management facilitator certification approved by the VA for Social Workers.


    The 40-hour training will include an on-line EQ-i-2.0 Assessment for each participant. Part of the training will be available on-line to complement this two day live training. This will include the adolescent and adult client workbooks along with other ancillary course material.


    The first day will include an explanation of the adolescent and adult Emotional Intelligence assessments along with demonstrations and videos that demonstrate how to use the client workbooks.


    The second day will focus on how to use this model for middle and high school students in lieu of suspension for aggressive behavior. We will demonstrate how the adult workbook is used in Re-entry Programs California.


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