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A Side Hustle With Awesome Results

Nineteen years ago, we hired a young man as a data entry clerk at our office in Lawndale, CA. That young man is Jairo Wong who is now the Office Manager and the key person at Anderson & Anderson, APC.

After two years as a Data Entry Clerk, Jairo was certified in Batterer’s Intervention and later as an Anger Management Facilitator. These two Side Hustles have resulted in Mr. Wong becoming one of the most recognized trainers, mentors and supervisors in Batterer’s Intervention and Anger Management.

He was recently approved as a consultant by the Plumas County Probation Department for supervising Batterer’s Intervention Facilitators and mentoring new providers in Plumas County.

His financial success based on these Side Hustles has made it possible to purchase his own home plus rental property within walking distance of the new Clipper’s Stadium in Inglewood, CA. Finally, Jairo not only purchased a new Tesla but convinced the Anderson’s to actually purchase our own Tesla Model 3.

What a success story!

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