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Can emotional intelligence be useful for burnout?

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Emotional Intelligence (E.I) is very important in the recognition and management of our own emotions and the emotions of others.

Emotional Intelligence and Burnout syndrome can be easily confirmed by providing Emotional Intelligence Assessments. EI skill enhancement coaching can be used effectively along with yoga, work life balance and other strategies for reducing burnout.

Since 2008, my firm, Anderson & Anderson, APC has been the largest provider of Emotional Intelligence Coaching for “disruptive physicians” in the U.S. We have observed that a common co-occurring disorder with “disruptive behavior” is burnout.

Most of our current physician coaching clients are reporting an alarming increase in burnout that is being caused by the working conditions and health = risks caused by the current pandemic.

It is clear that the need for a more comprehensive response to burnout for all first responders will be needed in the new post COVID-19 normal.

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