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Certified Anger Management Facilitators Can Now Offer Assessments and Classes Nationwide

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COVID-19 has forever changed the delivery of Court, HR and Employer mandated courses nationwide. Anderson & Anderson, APC Certified Anger Management Facilitators (CAMF) are accepted nationwide.

CAMF professionals use Pre and Post EQ-i-2.0 emotional assessments along with client workbooks and ancillary training material including the popular “Contrasting Wheels of Behavior”, The Do’s and Dont’s of self-control.

The brief 15 minute assessment is available on-line, the debriefing feedback is via SYKPE and the classes are available via one hour weekly Zoom sessions. The number of sessions required for completion are determined by the referral sources. Generally, the number of sessions are between 15 and 26. Felony court referrals are frequently required to attend 52 weeks.

For a list of CAMF providers capable of providing this model nationwide, contact Jairo Wong at 310-679-8310 or George Anderson at 310-476-0908.

You may also download our provider list at

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