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COVID-19 Is Increasing “Disruptive" Physician Behavior in Canada

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Psychologically, physician burnout can contribute to increased incidence of stress, disruptive behaviorand mood disorders. There is a strong correlation with depression. Frequently there are increased odds of substance abuse in physicians, with increased alcohol abuse/dependence, especially in surgeons and ER physicians.
In response to a request from a leading Emergency Room Physician in Canada, Anderson & Anderson, APC will begin offering our EI Coaching for “disruptive physicians” via Skype to physicians in al Provinces.
This coaching curriculum consists of Pre and Post Emotional Intelligence Assessments as well as individual coaching sessions for six-months. Coaching is available consistent with the needs of busy physicians seven days a week.
We encourage interested physicians to view our linked in profile. Contact us via phone or Google George Anderson, MSW, LCSW or Anderson & Anderson, APC.
Our physician coaching brochure is listed on our website.
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