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COVID-19 Will Dramatically Increase Physician Burnout

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Anderson & Anderson, APC has provided Emotional Intelligence Coaching for “disruptive physicians” since 2008. Our published evidence based coaching curriculum uses Pre and Post EQ-i-2.0 Assessments for each client along with client workbooks and ancillary coaching material.

In my experience, most physicians who are referred for “disruptive behavior” are the same ones who are actually physicians who suffer from unrecognized and untreated burnout.

According to Dr. Peter Grinspoon, Harvard Medical School, “Sadly, hospitals and other medical institutions have tended to address the problem of physician burnout merely by giving their doctors inspirational talks about “resilience,” patting them on the shoulder, and then sending them back into their deteriorating clinical lives with no material change in circumstances. Sometimes they throw in a yoga mat. The physician then continues to suffer in silence, leaves medicine, or encounters some other tragic endpoint."

Today, I have decided to expand and refocus our work with physicians who are suffering burnout prior to their referral for “disruptive behavior.”

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