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Successful Coaching Models Must Include Evidenced Based Practice Along With Pre & Post Assessments

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Research in coaching has demonstrated the need to learn by doing it. Seminars don’t work. Coaching is a skill set that requires one-on-one or small group work with considerable clinical supervision and feedback from someone with a great deal of experience.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching is demonstrating the effectiveness of 13-week/three month training course compared with two-day block training. The following study is instructive.

“Enhancing coaching skills and emotional intelligence through training” by Anthony M. Grant, Director, Coaching Psychology Unit, School of Psychology, University of Sydney Australia.

“Findings – Participation in the 13-week training course was associated with increases in both goal-focused coaching skills and emotional intelligence, whereas the two-day block intensive training was associated with increased goal-focused coaching skills, but not emotional intelligence. Further, the magnitude of the increase in goal-focused coaching skills was less for the two-day program than for the 13-week program”.

It is impossible to include clinical supervision in a two-day course. A three-month program can include an assessment of the coach as well as each coaching client followed by a post EQ-i-2.0 assessment.

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