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The Pandemic Has Caused a Worldwide Increase In Family Violence

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Below is a short list of some of the casualties as well as opportunities occurring in the wake of this tragedy.

1) Child abuse, spousal abuse, elder abuse, substance abuse, bullying, PTSD, depression, anxiety and suicide have all dramatically increased.

2) Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Family Services, Law Enforcement and Private Practice Counselors need to seek certification in Batterer’s Intervention in order to address these needs. These Certifications may provide additional Income Streams.

3) Courts, Probation, Parole and Children Service Departments are in need of Certified Providers in Anger Management, Batterer’s Intervention along with Parenting.

4) Certifications in Anger Management, Batterer’s Intervention as well as Parenting are now available On-line or virtual via SKYPE.

5) These needed services are also available virtually in small groups.

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