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Virtual Certified Anger Management Facilitator Training added in 2021

Certified Anger Management Facilitator (CAMF)

Seminar Schedule

Anderson & Anderson is the largest provider of Certified Anger Management Facilitator Training in the world. Our curriculum is the industry standard worldwide and has now been added as a virtual training to allow for greater availability and flexibility.

Anderson & Anderson, the trusted name in anger management, offers certification for both adult and adolescent facilitators. CAADAC, CAADE, CA. Board of Corrections approve our training for CEU’s. In addition, this training is Approved TIER 1 for Special Advancement for Achievement for Veterans Administration Social Workers. We are an approved vendor for SAM.

The Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Curricula is the only anger management training approved by the state of California for the training of Department of Rehabilitation, Probation, Parole and Correctional Officers.

Emotional Intelligence/Anger Management Facilitator Certification
Organizational Emotional Intelligence
This training is designed to prepare the participant to offer workshops or presentations regarding anger management, stress management, communication, civility or emotional intelligence. Ample time will also be spent on establishing and marketing a practice in Emotional Intelligence/Anger Management.
When: schedules updated frequently
Where: Conducted virtually, online via Zoom, unless noted in person
Timeframe: 9: A.M. — 4:30 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
Cost: $1,500 (includes client workbooks, facilitator guide, Motivational Interviewing CDs, and certification)
Two-Day Virtual Emotional Intelligence/Certified Anger Management Facilitator (CAMF)Training
Objectives: This training is designed for persons interested in providing Emotional Intelligence/Anger Management to adolescents, adults, as well and business and industry specific needs.
Each participant will be invited to take the EQ-I 2.0 online prior to the event and receive their results; which will need to be printed out and brought with you to the training. (A link to access this assessment online will be emailed to each participation).
Each participant will receive the items listed below:
  • Digital Workbooks Gaining Control of Ourselves 
  • Wheel of Behavior
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Motivational Interviewing E-File
  • Sample worksheets for proposals (including organizational training), progress reports (private use, courts, probation, parole) & attendance sheet.
Training is divided into segments:
• Anger Management for Adolescents.
• Anger Management for Adults
• Organizational Anger Management.

Participant EQ-i Feedback & Mentoring

Additional benefit to each participant:

  • Invitation to complete the online EQ-i-2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment. 
  • Feedback on their completed EQ-i-2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment 
  • Personal virtual debriefing will be scheduled for each participant at the close of training

To register for CAMF go to our website at .

Contact us for training when you choose to add Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management Facilitator Certification to your coaching model.

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