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What Can Private Practice Mental Health Professionals Do Now To Plan For The Future After COVID-19?

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In my opinion, tele-psychotherapy will become the new norm. This will include mandated services such as DUI counseling, anger management, batterer’s intervention and services that have been traditionally provided in groups. The niches listed above all will likely increase during this period. This is unfortunate, but true
In California, there are now state or local laws relative to anger management. As the Vendor for Anger Management in Los Angeles County, I Certified Anger Management Providers with Pre and Post Assessments including client workbooks will now be able to provide individual session via SKYPE or Zoom. This was actually imitated by San Francisco Courts.
Any services that can be provided in a group offer the provider a greater hourly income than one on one intervention. Person who are certified in anger management, batterer’s intervention or substance abuse are able to more for one group of 15 clients than one person for 45 minutes or one hour. The time of quarantine may be used by gaining certification in any or all of the certifications mentioned above. Each of these specialties can be completed online.
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