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What is working well for Anderson Services during the pandemic

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I would like to share what is working well for me during the pandemic.

1). There appears to be a hunger for content posting regarding services and products that are needed and wanted by potential clients.
2). Unfortunately, the world has never experienced a worldwide pandemic and are therefore not prepared to address the anticipated needs during the new normal.
3). If you do not have a needed niche, consider what the experts are predicting relative to consumer demands going forward.
4). After seeking training and certifications in new areas of specializations, go "over-board" in reading and mastering the theory and practice of your new niche.

Here are four niches that we know now that the need will be far greater than the number of SKILLED providers nationwide:

Anger Management, stress, communication and emotional intelligence will be off the scales, Substance abuse including DUI, Parenting as well as Emotional Intelligence Assessments

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