Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Coaching for Physicians

Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Coaching for Physicians

Learn and Develop Skills from industry experts with years of experience via Zoom conference calls or phone calls.
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Check out the full program brochure here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/otkoct9jpzv4ip2/Emotional%20Intelligence%20%26%20Leadership%20Coaching%20for%20Physicians.pdf?dl=0



● A detailed explanation of the client’s scores on this assessment is discussed, what it means and 


● The Coach and the client will develop an Action Plan designed to assist the client in utilizing 

the tools introduced during the initial 12 hours of coaching. 

● We have found that our clients become very enthusiastic, once they understand the 

implication of both their strengths and weaknesses and what self knowledge will do to help 

them advance in their careers and even extend into their intimate family life.

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